Bargersville, IN Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2022)


The Town of Bargersville operates under the council/manager form of government. The Town of Bargersville, incorporated in 1880, has an estimated population of 7,085 and a land area of 18.7 square miles. As the Town continues to experience growth, the demand for additional recreational facilities will increase. The Town sought to identify additional funding sources to provide the facilities necessary to meet the demands of the population growth. Additionally, the Town sought to establish the necessary management and governance structure to deliver parks and recreation services.


The Master Plan utilized a comprehensive exploratory approach. First, context was established by conducting stakeholder interviews. Second, public engagement was conducted via online surveying, user intercept surveying, public meetings, and notifications via the Town’s water bill and special event fliers. Third, governance needs were determined based on the community’s vision for the future park and recreation system. Fourth, funding sources were identified to help the Town of Bargersville implement the community’s vision.


The final Master Plan provides an inclusive outline to smart growth in terms of functionality and governance. A connection to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) was established that supports the newly adopted land acquisition philosophy and approach. Additionally, the Master Plan process coincided with the Town’s five-year update up the Recreation Impact Fee (RIF). As a result, systematic growth, management and governance, and funding and financing represent the three key tenets of the overarching plan.

Julie Young, AICP
Town Manager
(317) 422-3101
24 North Main Street
Bargersville, IN 46106