Clemson, SC Strategic Master Plan (2024)


The City of Clemson Parks and Recreation Department’s focus is to provide the public, both residents and visitors, with unique recreation experiences. The city’s parks, open space, and recreation facilities contribute to the health of the community’s residents, enhance the integrity and quality of the natural environment, and attract visitors to the community, thereby contributing to local tourism and economic development. To optimize the city’s existing parks and recreation resources and assets, as well as strategically plan for the future, the city was interested in preparing a Strategic Master Plan.


Zec Eight Insights partnered with ETC Institute to develop the city’s first Strategic Master Plan in 10 years. Zec Eight Insights focused on setting up the department’s operations for the foreseeable future. With an expanding park system, and little to no investment in operations and maintenance personnel, a focus on establishing staffing standards, best practices, operational efficiencies, and funding directives highlighted the master planning process. Additionally, recreational assessments were conducted to determine the best path forward for the Town-Gown relationship between the city and Clemson University.


The final Strategic Master Plan develops the department’s first-ever capital improvement program (CIP). This is an important step forward for the city as Clemson Parks and Recreation is embarking on designing a new indoor recreation space to expand recreation program offerings. Additionally, the city is looking at new ways to decrease 10-minute walk service gaps within the community while simultaneously increasing the availability of non-motorized travel to help minimize traffic congestion.

Jay Bennett, Director
Clemson Parks and Recreation
(864) 624-1122
102 Nettles Park Road
Clemson, SC 29631