Lexington, MA Open Space and Recreation Plan (2023)


Open Space and Recreation Plans (OSRPs) are required to be updated every seven years by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) through the Division of Conservation Services (DCA). OSRPs allow a municipality to maintain and enhance all the benefits of open space that together make up much of the character of the community and protect the “green infrastructure” of the community – water supply, land, working farms and forests, viable wildlife habitats, parks, recreation areas, trails, and greenways.


Zec Eight Insights partnered with Activitas to update Lexington’s OSRP. Zec Eight Insights focused on public engagement support through virtual meeting engagement, community context analysis through localized recreation trends and environmental justice area research, analysis of needs from the statistically valid community survey and stakeholder engagement, and development of management goals and objectives that would correspond to both the town and stakeholders’ preferred vision for open space.


The final OSRP was approved and provides the town with a seven-year action plan with detailed action steps related to eight goals: increase the efficacy of communication and collaboration with other Town departments, citizen groups, and neighboring communities; improve access to programs and facilities for people of all ages, abilities, identities, and backgrounds; provide a balance of activity and educational opportunities for all of Lexington’s citizens; allocate capital efficiently in order to maintain, preserve, and grow open space and recreational infrastructure for many years in the future; identify and establish open space management programs that will assure optimal maintenance and use of Town-owned lands; protect Lexington’s natural environment and resources, both within and beyond the borders of open space and recreational properties; enhance connectivity between open space and recreation areas to develop intermodal transportation opportunities through Lexington; and assess, acquire, and protect parcels that are important from an environmental, agricultural, recreational, or historical perspective.

Karen Mullins, Conservation Director
Town of Lexington
(781) 698-4501
1625 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420