New Haven, IN Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2023)


New Haven-Adams Township Parks and Recreation has a unique organizational set-up compared to most Indiana parks departments. The department’s jurisdictional boundary contains New Haven’s city limits and Adams Township boundaries. As a result, the department has two residential stakeholder groups to plan recreational opportunities along with having a more complex funding structure. New Haven-Adams Township Parks and Recreation saw the Five-Year Master Plan as a way to better inform operational decisions in light of its organizational structure along with meeting the requirement for Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant opportunities.


Zec Eight Insights partnered with Designing Local for the planning process. Designing Local is a certified woman-owned business that helps communities create beautiful, functional places that engage and inspire. Together, the planning team analyzed park access, ALICE findings, levels of service, operational policies and procedures, financial projections, existing site conditions and constraints, and public engagement findings to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the parks system.


The final Master Plan included the development of GIS base files, five-year capital improvement plan (CIP) project list, along with recommendations for increased financial investment, park system governance, adjusting programs and services, adding “missing” facilities/amenities to the system, and adopting a land acquisition philosophy. Recommendations for both the built environment and operational planning enable New Haven-Adams Township Parks and Recreation to be more successful with implementing action strategies and communicating with elected officials, staff, and the public.

Mike Clendenen, Superintendent
New Haven-Adams Township Parks and Recreation
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