The Commission for the Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) provides an industry benchmark for high-performing departments across the country. With 154 identified standards, national accreditation is not a feat taken lightly. We specialize in assisting departments move toward CAPRA accreditation by being an overall guide/resource, assessing organizational readiness, and providing specialized assistance related to the CAPRA process as needed.

Maintenance and Operations Planning

Public agencies are tasked to manage myriad types of public recreation facilities and spaces. The need for data-driven decision-making has never been more critical. We specialize in assisting agencies with overall maintenance and operations planning by analyzing asset lifecycles and costing, work orders (if available), maintenance projections for new and/or renovated parks and facilities, staffing (levels, type, and costs), and maintenance standards identification or creation.


Internal staff capacity, organizational alignment, and culture are three critical factors that influence an agency’s ability to deliver facilities, amenities, programs, and services. Although public services are outward-facing products, they depend upon effective inward-facing processes. We will work with you to identify and analyze the explicit and implicit influences on your agency’s ability to fulfill its vision and mission and provide concrete recommendations to functionally align your agency. We also specialize in analyzing the business performance of public agencies. Customized performance measures are created that allow organizations to utilize both a formative (ongoing/in progress) and summative (concluding) evaluation process for operations, programming, and management.


Whether leader-led, self-directed, collaborative, or some other model, public agencies activate spaces through recreation opportunities. As a result, there is a constant need to evaluate how recreation programs, services, and experiences are delivered. We assist agencies by performing custom analyses pertaining to facility space utilization, athletic field capacities, revenue strategies, pricing considerations, user/visitor trends, and more. Additionally, we specialize in developing Recreation Program Plans that achieve the CAPRA 6.1 standard.

System Master Planning and Needs Assessments

It is often challenging to distinguish between a want and a need. This dichotomy can be even more challenging when community-wide planning efforts are being undertaken; however, it is also even more important to distinguish between the two. We take a needs-based approach to community planning in which a variety of tools are used such as statistically valid surveying, virtual and online stakeholder engagement, and creative public intercept communications. From there, all information is framed in the context of trends, demographics, funding opportunities, levels of service, and organizational capacities to produce implementable action plans that provide a realistic and measurable means to address unmet needs.