Putnam County, IN Glenn Flint Lake Campground Study (2024)


The Little Walnut Creek Conservancy District, located in Greencastle, Indiana, was established under Indiana statute as a unit of local government in 1967 for the purpose of flood control and recreation. As part of its purview, the District oversees Glenn Flint Lake. At the time of the study, Glenn Flint Lake had one public boat ramp and a few primitive camping spots. The District, in association with Putnam Parks & Pathways and the Putnam County Visitor Bureau, desires to see the lake’s public access enhanced and so a study examining a potential campground on location was commenced.


Zec Eight Insights partnered with V3 Companies to study the feasibility of locating a campground on location. Zec Eight Insights performed an environmental scan for similar providers and direct competitors while calculating market availability for such an amenity. After working with V3 to study the proposed site’s constraints, limitations, and opportunities, Zec Eight Insights developed a customized operational budget based on maintenance standards, market rates, utilization rates, and management decisions based on organizational/governance structure. Additionally, a revenue model was created that can be easily manipulated based on the number of revenue centers added on site.


The final Glenn Flint Lake Campground Study was deemed feasible based on-site availability, market need, and operational implications. The intent of this study is to serve as a lead-in to a larger Glenn Flint Lake Site Master Plan that will examine all publicly-accessible areas surrounding the water to determine the best public uses. This study is also being used to procure financial resources for public recreation development of the lake and campground in particular.

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