South Suburban Parks & Recreation District, CO Recreation Programming Plan (2023)


South Suburban Parks & Recreation District (SSPRD) received Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) accreditation in 2019. In preparation for their first reaccreditation in 2024, SSPRD wanted to produce a more robust Recreation Programming Plan to align with CAPRA standard 6.1. As a District that covers 42.5 square miles and includes six cities and towns along with unincorporated areas of three counties, a unified Recreation Programming Plan is a must have and best practice.


First, a systemwide tour was conducted to better understand the available recreation program spaces. Second, ten internal staff focus groups were conducted for each core program area. Third, external engagement included an online survey and interactive activity sessions at three large community events within the District. Finally, a custom program assessment was conducted that analyzed over 18,600 registered activities for enrollment trends by activity format and capacities (based on length of activity and comparisons to stated minimums and maximums, respectively).


The final Recreation Programming Plan resulted in recommendations for SSPRD’s program delivery model, performance and evaluation mechanics, marketing and communication methods, staffing levels, space enhancement considerations, and needed administrative support. Additionally, the Recreation Programming Plan updates SSPRD’s program and service determinants based on all information gained through the planning process.

Mindy Albert, Recreation Programs and Special Project Manager
South Suburban Parks & Recreation District
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4810 E County Line Rd
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