Brownsburg, IN Maintenance Management Plan Update (2022)


Brownsburg Parks created its initial Maintenance Management Plan in 2017. Five years later, and the department continues to serve a fast-growing community and is continually striking a balance between park land acquisition and development. As a result, Brownsburg Parks was in need to update its plan to incorporate new properties, train a new park staff, and update and validate system unit costs.


Zec Eight Insights updated the Maintenance Management Plan by focusing on five specific tasks:

  1. Establishing and articulating Brownsburg Parks’ primary operations and maintenance functions;
  2. Developing a comparison between Brownsburg Parks and best practice data/organizations;
  3. Conducting a data analysis utilizing FacilityDude actuals;
  4. Determining the appropriate decision matrix/guide for contracting operations and maintenance services and moving toward more “specialized” services; and
  5. Assisting with projecting maintenance costs for new properties and features.


The final Maintenance Management Plan Update provides unit costs based on over 2,000 analyzed work orders, separated by location, work order category (such as planned maintenance, vandalism, etc.), and year. A custom decision matrix is provided to help Brownsburg Parks decide when to contract maintenance services. Additionally, enhanced administrative functional help is created and outlined by changing internal reporting, documentation, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) methods. This is done to prepare for the department’s work order system change to Asset Essentials.

Amber Lane, Director
Brownsburg Parks
(317) 858-4172
402 E Main Street
Brownsburg, IN 46112