Lexington, MA Maintenance and Operations Study (2022)


The 2020 Community Needs Assessment identified a need to conduct an Athletics Field Feasibility Study. In 2021, Lexington Recreation and Community Programs (LRCP) began developing the study; however, there was a need to also examine the larger maintenance and operations practices performed annually because athletic field maintenance (and general park maintenance) involves Department of Public Works (DPW) along with other entities. Therefore, a study was requested to coincide with the Athletics Field Feasibility Study to coordinate field improvements with maintenance and operations considerations.


Zec Eight Insights analyzed all LRCP athletic fields for playability, use, existing field allocation, and existing maintenance standards implementation. A time-task analysis was conducted that developed and documented the cost associated with maintaining the system’s athletic fields based on staff time. A utilization analysis was conducted that analyzed existing use data provided by LRCP. The analysis sought to discover usage trends including, but not limited to, seasonal use, time of day, day of the week, individual field, user group, sport/activity, length of stay, and fees. A maintenance workshop was held to verify staff findings and to collect context around maintenance and operations practices and procedures.


The utilization analysis was combined with the maintenance standard development process to arrive at a final understanding of the requirements to maintain the existing system while providing insight into future athletic field development and field allocation implications. In all, 14 strategies outline key focus areas related to everything from work order management system use to forecasting maintenance and operations costs to tactics for enhancing field conditions, and everything in between.

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